Rick Renstrom has completed all of his guitar tracks and editing of the entire Holmes and Slice debut, “The Adventure Begins”. This marks the return of the virtuoso player after a 5 year hiatus. The new album features 11 tracks with an intense mix of neo-classical, metal, progressive and blues styles. “By the end of 2004”, Renstrom recalls, “ I had become a bit discouraged with where my music career was headed. I had become more motivated by money, as opposed to the music. In hindsight, that was certainly not the best way of thinking. I decided to take a break from it all and change my life direction.” “By mid 2010, my life was not in a good place. I started receiving messages from thousands of my loyal fans from around the world, all asking me when I was going to release new music. That show of support, and the fact that my “Fire Within” video( had more than a quarter- million views, really spoke to me. That show of support really motivated me to get back in the game.” “ The original plan was to do a follow up solo record, but after starting to work with Rich, his awesome soloing ability gave me some great ideas to write songs around. His excitement with the new material motivated me to the fullest. I looked at my style and started to reshape it into a new sound. I’m back to writing music for the sake of the music, and that has made all the difference in the world. I feel totally refreshed and revitalized.” "I'm very proud of this album and what the band has accomplished together. Rich, Atma, and Mistheria play at such a level that I’ve been driven to play better, stronger and faster than I've ever played before. With players who are masters of so many diverse styles, there are truly no limits to where we can take this music.” Holmes and Slice are currently slotted to enter Sweet Spot Studios( in Seminole, Florida, to mix the album. At the engineering helm is James Fox, whose credits include work with David Ellefson,Jon Oliva, Circle II Circle, Wade Black and the late Matt Laporte.


HOLMES AND SLICE bassist Rich Marks has completed his recordings for their debut album The Adventure Begins... While three-fourths of Holmes And Slice are seasoned recording artists, the Holmes And Slice debut is also the recording debut for Rich "Rich did an awesome job on this recording,” guitarist Rick Renstron commented. “Albeit his first album, he played like a seasoned pro and I can guarantee that this is some of the best bass playing you will ever hear! Rich has created stunning bass lines and amazing solos that will surely garner him the recognition he deserves. His synchronicity with drummer Atma Anur is extraordinary and the two have created a rhythmic wall of sound that must be heard to be believed. I'm very excited for the fans to finally be able to experience this awesome record." "This has been a great experience for me,” Marks added. ”Going into the studio for the first time with musicians of this caliber really raised the bar for me. Rick, Atma, Mistheria and I had an immediate chemistry that allowed the music to just flow. I am very proud to be a part of this awesome lineup!"


Guitarist Rick Renstrom, who made a name for himself working with vocalist ROB ROCK and LEASH LAW, has returned with an all new instrumental group called HOLMES AND SLICE, putting an end to his five year hiatus. The band includes Renstrom, bassist Rich Marks (BLACK REIGN), keyboardist Mistheria (Rob Rock, BRUCE DICKINSON) and drum legend Atma Anur (MACALPINE, BECKER, JOURNEY). Mistheria checks in with the following update: "Today, I completed the keyboard recordings for Rick Renstrom's Holmes And Slice upcoming album! It has been really fun and cool to play on each track, featuring the superb Rick's guitar playing and the killer rhythmic section built by Rich Marks on bass and the amazing drum legend Atma Anur!" Rick Renstrom comments: "So great to work with my old friend Mistheria again! He did a fantastic job and created some amazing atmospheres and landscapes over the songs. We also have quite a few really killer solo duels. I'm sure the fans will enjoy this very much and as well, we have some surprises too!" The new album, entitled The Adventure Begins..., is slated for a fall/winter 2011 release. It includes 11 songs in the neo-classical style combined with many progressive and blues influences. More info can be found at this location. A video has been released showcasing four song samples with some info about the band concept. Check it out below:


Florida-based neo-classical metallers, HOLMES AND SLICE, featuring guitarist Rick Renstrom, bassist Rich Marks and keyboardist Mistheria, have completed recording drums with the legendary Atma Anur for their upcoming album, The Adventure Begins. The drums were recorded at Atma's studio in Poland and the band will finish the album in Florida. Renstrom commented: "Atma has worked with so many of our influences. Recording with him was an honor and a fulfilling experience. Working with him was like being in the presence of a legend. Having him with the band for this record is very special to all of us. In terms of musicianship, we are at the top of our game and I believe there will be a very wide audience. We think that there will truly be something for everyone on this album, and they will be quite happy with the results." Snippets from the songs 'The Adventure Begins', 'Primer Time', 'Everything's Gotta Go' and 'Back To The Booth' are available on the Holmes And Slice Facebook page.


Guitarist Rick Renstrom, who made a name for himself working with vocalist ROB ROCK and LEASH LAW has returned with an all new instrumental group called HOLMES AND SLICE, putting an end to his five year hiatus. The band includes Renstrom, bassist Rich Marks (BLACK REIGN), keyboardist Mistheria (Rob Rock, BRUCE DICKINSON) and drum legend Atma Anur (MACALPINE, BECKER, JOURNEY). Recordings for the new album, entitled The Adventure Begins..., are well under way, with a release planned for summer / fall 2011. It includes 11 songs in neo-classical style combined with many progressive and blues influences. Renstrom has checked in with the following update: "Greetings friends and fans! It is my pleasure to announce this great new band called Holmes And Slice. It has been quite some time since I have been around, but thanks to the continued support from all of my fans, the time has now come to return to the style I love so much. It is a pleasure to work with these awesome musicians and fans of my previous works will enjoy this very much and I believe many new listeners will be interested as we really hit the music spectrum on all fronts. More news to come soon. Anyone interested can email us at for more info. Looking forward to you all hearing this very soon" Back in May 2005, Renstrom spoke excluisvely with BW&BK about his decision to hang up his guitar, at least for a while: "A couple of other people asked me the same thing, but NO I haven't quit guitar. I'm still playing. However, I am taking a long break from the scene. Due to many events in 2004, like the canceled PRIMAL FEAR/Rob Rock European tour, getting dropped by Mascot, then receiving plenty of rejections from other labels for a new solo record, Richard (Christy, drums, Leash Law, ex-CONTROL DENIED) left for NYC and my friend/engineer passing away..I just felt my time had come and gone. Seems the world's just too much saturated with shred guitarists and metal bands. I've tried virtually everything to make it in this industry, but feel I have fallen short of being the 'big guitar hero' I always envisioned. I am very satisfied with the things I have accomplished and feel very blessed, since there are so many other musicians that might never record on nine albums and tour around the world. I am very thankful for all the fans who have supported me and my career, but it doesn't seem to be enough for the labels to be interested in me anymore." "I feel that a large amount of metal fans are just simply downloading records, burning them to CD and never really go out and buy it. It really hurts people like me who are trying so hard to put out great records, but fail in sales and simply get dropped so the label can just write it off and try with someone else." Watch for more details and information on Holmes And Slice, coming soon.